Law in the universities

Nowadays it is very unlikely that you can find a university without law in it. The universities in USA are said to have the best law subjects, but those in England, France and Germany are not any less good. After all it is in Europe that the earliest regulations have emerged. Their universities have a lot of traditions and lots of practice when it comes to teaching law. That’s why it is considered as one of the most prestigious degrees that a student can achieve along with medical subjects.

However, just as in most other areas of our lives, the Americans are becoming better and better. They have much more money than the rest of the world and so they can invest in everything more than anyone. This also includes education. That’s how even though they lack traditions and history in this area, they can pay the best lawyers in the world to go there and teach in their universities. Most of them are located in the Eastern states, although there are some pretty good to the West, too. Thus, year by year, in the USA were gathered the best lawyers in the world. They are able to win every case that they come across to.

The only problem with the high education in the States is that it is far too expensive. The European universities also have very good specialists when it comes to teaching law, and still it is not that expensive. People can afford to go there and have a decent life if they manage to find a job, as well. They may do this without taking credit from banks, which would be impossible for the students in USA. That’s why if your ambition is to study law there then you will have to be very ambitious and motivated about it and to be also very dedicated to fulfill your aim. But you can be absolutely sure that if you get in one of those universities it is going to pay off pretty soon.

Here is a list of top 10 law schools in US

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